I run a 6 on engine and 3 on transaxle. Usually around a 2:1 ratio also depends on your gearing in transaxle. I think we had a list of numbers people were running…not sure it would be a big deal if they got doubled up. We did have some one announcing a race or two last year which was nice so numbers helped but most the mowers are so different that it was easy to pick out the different drivers.

My build is going much slower than I wanted partially do to my laziness lol. Yea I was planning on running a peerless 5 speed until I found out my case was cracked so I may run a splicer but I did just find another peerless 5 speed in a parts mower I had but it seems quite a bit smaller then the one I have with the cracked case

I just realized that the rules pinned on here are from last year. Were there any rule changes for this season?
I know one rule change for sure was reducing or eliminating the FRONT bumpers. We had more contact last year than ever but I know some concerns were to keep hoods intact. So I believe we wanted to reduce the bumper width to between the tires. There was also talk of bumping HP to 15.5-16hp. I was brought up these engines were same stroke and bores of the 14.5’s. As always safety is always a concern ! We’re trying to make this as affordable as possible but again trying to keep it as safe as possible ! On our best riding mower for hills we do have tech inspection/practice/tune day coming up before the first race. Always a good chance to throw out ideas and get approvals. We have been very accepting of new ideas and concepts in the past…we tend to make revisions every year to our rules and regulations….we are a growing organization and would like to keep our minds open.